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Viviano. Hedenburg. Ormsby. Young. Christie. Marusak. Kane.
Harrington. Gray. Lockhart. Rand. Coburn.

This is a personal genealogy website.

Here, you will find 600 years of collected histories, facts, and stories of over 2000 ancestors.

Use the "Genealogy" button to explore the stories Italian, Scottish, Swedish, Irish, Polish, and English immigrants. Use the "Peek Into the Past" button to dive further into topics relevant to the genealogy. Use the "About" button to discover how this website came to be.

This website is a work in progress and a perfectly imperfect collection.

Best, ​Ali K.

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Changes to the information on this site will only be made when provided . Oral histories or personal narratives will be noted as such until the information can be verified.

All sources, images, and other information and artifacts on this website are shared in the spirit of historical preservation, legacy, family, and community. Proper citation and credit is valued by the administrator. Any information shared without permission is unintentional. If your work has been published without credit, please use the contact form so the situation may be rectified.

I am not a professional genealogist or historian. The information on this website reflects personal research to the best of my ability, but I cannot make any personal guarantees of its accuracy, reliability, or completeness. Any reliance on this material is taken at your own risk. You are encouraged to verify all information with the cited and other primary sources for accuracy and validity. The work on this website is permitted for personal use only.